Twinlife has developped two communication applications, both available on multiple mobile application stores.

twinme is a messaging mobile and tablet app available on the AppStore and on GooglePlay.
With twinme, you’re not the product any longer.

You don’t need an email or a phone number to use twinme.
and it’s free !

Plus, it’s safe and you keep your private life private, since we don’t store any of your personal datas.

twinsee is a free video call service based on WebRTC for calling contacts, friends or families from a mobile device or a Chrome (and soon Firefox) browser on a PC or Mac (no plugin required).

twinsee is the first mobile application providing a peer-to-peer, secure, high-definition free video call service based on the WebRTC standard. Twinsee works on WiFi, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.