twinme @ SXSW – March 2017

Listen together to music recorded on a smartphone, while chatting

Austin, TX, March 10, 2017– Today, at SXSW, twinme, the next generation private messenger/content sharing application, introduced a unique feature allowing users to make the music recorded on their mobile device available for listening on their friend’s device. Users can already use twinme for voice and video calls; now they can share music in real time.

“Being able to listen to music recorded on your mobile device with a friend, while chatting, all within our private messaging application, is a first-of-its-kind feature,” said Michel Gien, co-founder and CEO at Twinlife, the producer of twinme, “You can now share even more moments on line, just as if you were actually together.”
While transferring a recorded multimedia file in current messaging applications (1) is limited in size (20-30 MB) corresponding to a short video clip, and (2) assumes the users has the rights to do so, streaming it removes the size constraints and allows users to keep the rights. Thus, when sharing an original creation, the creator can show his or her work to partners and potential customers without giving it away.

“twinme’s unique privacy protection approach, replacing phone numbers and user ID’s by private person-to-person relationships created after shaking hands in real life, makes their music/video sharing feature even more personal,” commented Hervé Naudin, in charge of the start-up ecosystem at Orange.
twinme’s streaming services leverage its peer-to-peer technology, used to exchange end-to-end encrypted content directly from device to device without mediating servers storing data in between. These protocols are based on WebRTC, the new standard for secure peer-to-peer multimedia communications on the web (part of HTML5).

About twinme: twinme is a mobile private messaging application allowing users to make high definition voice and video calls and share content without providing any personal information: no sign-up, no phone number, no user ID, no access to your address book. twinme allows you to define, manage, and revoke relationships with your contacts, which are not transferable, and not usable by anyone else. “You” are in control of your digital communications, just like in real life!
twinme is freely available worldwide on Apple and Android devices.;
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The twinme team will be available for interviews during SXSW 2017, March 12-15, 2017, in Austin (TX), and more precisely Monday March 13th and Wednesday March 15th in the French Tech / Business France Pavilion 1325 – Aisle 3 at 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701.
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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michel Gien, Twinlife at +33 6 07 29 20 24 or email at


“Joe asks Fred to listen to his song “Turn It On” – Fred accepts & both listen to Joe’s song in real-time, while chatting comments”