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Free private text, voice, & video calls

twinme turns your mobile device into a phone without a number. And there is no login/password, no email address, no username, no pin, no social network ID, and no personal information either. All you need is a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE) to make free text, voice and video calls.

twinme removes the unique identifier constraint imposed by today’s communications service providers. It allows people and companies to define and control their online identities in accordance with their social lives, their activities, and their privacy constraints or preferences.


twinme lets “you” define how your contacts identify you (a name, an image) to interact with you remotely, just like in real life: your children call you “Mom” or “Dad”, your lover calls you “Honey”, your friends “Pal”, and your clients “Doctor”.
You can revoke the identity you shared with someone at any time to stop this contact from reaching you anymore. No unsolicited calls, no harassment, no spam. “You” are in control!

As opposed to most “free” mobile and web applications, twinme carries no advertising, so nobody needs to know your personal data.
twinme protects your privacy and confidentiality of your interactions.

Text and High Definition voice and video chat are encrypted and operated in peer-to-peer, with no server in between. twinme is based on WebRTC, the new standard for secure real-time multimedia communications on the web.

Try it with your friends and new encounters, and have fun!

twinme API’s and SDK are available to professionals and enterprises to integrate twinme services into their mobile application and online web services so they can connect with their remote clients through one click.

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